Family Recipe Pumpkin Bread

My sister and I have always baked pumpkin bread for our family and friends every Christmas. I remember spending an entire Saturday every year at home with her in our parents’ kitchen, slowly crossing off name after name on our growing lists. Once the loaves were cooled, she would show me how to wrap them in cellophane and tie a pretty ribbon around them (curling ribbon is the ultimate cool thing to do, right?). Then we would spend all Sunday driving around in her car, jamming out to Deana Carter and some Christmas songs, delivering loaves of pumpkin bread to our loved ones. Read More

One Bowl Banana Pecan Bread

I am always guilty of having an excess of bananas around the house. I try to freeze our weekly leftovers for smoothies so they don’t go to waste, but I have been making this banana bread recipe instead lately (such a healthy swap, right?) and love it. I find myself purposefully buying too many bananas at the grocery story just so I can have enough to make this super easy, yummy banana bread recipe. Read More

Sausage, Spinach and Goat Cheese Frittata

Lee brought home the most beautiful farm-fresh eggs the other weekend from a buddy’s ranch, and I can’t even begin to tell you my excitement. They are a rainbow of soft, pastel colors from robin’s egg blue to blush pink to pale green. As wonderful as they are look at at, they are even better to eat. Why do farm-fresh eggs taste so much better than the store bought ones? Those chickens must live the happiest of lives.  Read More

Sunday Morning Migas

Well it’s been a whole month so I last posted on here. I feel like we are go, go, go right now with no breaths in between. Weddings, a week in Mexico, visiting friends in other cities, Lee going hunting, it never ends. The weekend before we left for our trip to Mexico, I wanted to do nothing. Just sit on the couch, watch Fargo, read my book, cleanup around the house, drink wine, walk the dog, and eat some good food. I love laid-back weekends with no plans where I can really just relax and enjoy a few days off.

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