Red Velvet Brownies with Cream Cheese Frosting

I miss handing out Valentine’s cards and candies every year. When I was little, I would slave away at my cards, picking out just the right one for each person in my class, making sure the candy was securely fastened to the card. The ritual of walking into school with a giant bag filled with goodies for my friends, so excited to give one to each and every one of my peers. I do that – I get elated when I can give something to someone else. It’s probably what I enjoy most about cooking and baking. Just knowing I can brighten someone’s day with a plate full of goodness made especially for them.  Read More

Candy-Coated Chocolate Covered Pretzels

We have an ice day!! It never snows in San Antonio and we are on our second snow/ice day this winter. This is record-breaking for us. Schools are closed, highways are shut down, and most importantly I am spending the day on my couch in my slippers, drinking peppermint lattes, and watching the sleet come down outside. Living in a city that cries “Uncle!” the minute our forecast predicts weather below 35°F is glorious.  Read More

Family Recipe Pumpkin Bread

My sister and I have always baked pumpkin bread for our family and friends every Christmas. I remember spending an entire Saturday every year at home with her in our parents’ kitchen, slowly crossing off name after name on our growing lists. Once the loaves were cooled, she would show me how to wrap them in cellophane and tie a pretty ribbon around them (curling ribbon is the ultimate cool thing to do, right?). Then we would spend all Sunday driving around in her car, jamming out to Deana Carter and some Christmas songs, delivering loaves of pumpkin bread to our loved ones. Read More

One Bowl Banana Pecan Bread

I am always guilty of having an excess of bananas around the house. I try to freeze our weekly leftovers for smoothies so they don’t go to waste, but I have been making this banana bread recipe instead lately (such a healthy swap, right?) and love it. I find myself purposefully buying too many bananas at the grocery story just so I can have enough to make this super easy, yummy banana bread recipe. Read More